Dental Marketing Tips

16 Jan

Dental marketing could be a real challenge especially for those who try to integrate the latest marketing techniques into practice. This is true for those dentists won don't have adequate marketing backgrounds. So when integrating and investing hard earned money in doing dental marketing, here are few tips that must be considered.

Tip number 1. Don't do what everyone else is doing - it is important to address various areas of the market in which nobody else is making an investment and at the same time, you've got to be different. This is something you have to take into consideration when you are spending money on marketing.

Tip number 2. SEO companies and generic sites isn't always the solution - there are lots of website design companies and SEO that are charging arm and leg in getting dental offices to make investment to their services. Then, they are using standard template with the same photos as what other offices do, use similar seo for dental practices standards like what every other practice in your field. Always remember that not everyone can be on top page of search engines especially Google for the same keyword. Thus, you've got to be realistic with your expectations in getting traffic from the SEO companies.

Tip number 3. It does not indicate that people are searching for you simply because you are number 1 - to give you an example, if the SEO company you hired says that you are ranking on top for the keyword used and you checked with the search results and found out that there are less than a hundred people per month who is searching for that particular keyword, then it may not be a great ranking.

The key here is ranking high for keywords that people are searching for. So be sure that you check to see print out list of the most searched terms for the services that you are providing.

Tip number 4. Take advantage of social media marketing intelligently - Facebook ads are wonderful but, you've got to set your limits for spending and ensure that you see ROI. Being careless with your dental marketing plan using social media can be detrimental on your business. To read more dental marketing tips and tricks, visit

Tip number 5. Direct mail marketing isn't dead - this is what most SEO companies will tell you. While it is true that a lot of people are getting online today, be sure that you still get multiple opinions for dental marketing plan before diving in and making investments. You have to consider not putting all eggs in on basket. If ever you invest in online marketing, make sure that you spend part of your money on direct mail too. Get dental marketing tips here!

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